Redbox Instant: Get 30 Days Free

Earlier this year, Redbox entered the streaming video space by launching its Redbox Instant service, which is poised to become a major competitor to Netflix and Hulu Plus. There is one big advantage Redbox offers over its rivals, which is that it offers both streaming content as well as up to 4 free DVD rentals, from any of its ubiquitous kiosk machines. If you are an avid movie fan, Redbox Instant therefore offers you the best of both worlds. To get a 1-month free trial, click the coupon link below:

Get a 30-day Redbox Instant Free Trial

About the Free Trial Offer

There is no need to submit credit card information to use the Redbox Instant free trial for streaming content. However, if you want your free trial to include the 4 free monthly DVD rentals, you will need to submit credit card information. The monthly rate after the trial period is $8, which is essentially the same as Netflix and Hulu Plus (it's actually 1 cent more, but I'm fairly certain that's not an issue for most people ).

Redbox Instant Benefits

The primary reason you might choose Redbox Instant over Netflix or Hulu Plus is that you get to rent 4 DVDs every month for free from the thousands of kiosk machines all over the nation. This can be a pretty big perk, since the streaming content for services like Redbox Instnat, Netflix, and Hulu are somewhat limited in terms of new releases. Other benefits of the service include the ability to rent movies online if you don't feel like leaving the house, although you'd end up paying a much higher price than you would if you got a DVD at a kiosk. Note that online rentals are not available from Netflix.


Redbox Instant is still a relatively new service, and while the available movies mirror what's available at Netflix and Hulu, the selection is noticeably smaller. In addition, you will not be able to view TV shows on Redbox Instant. Therefore, if you want to watch hits like Breaking Bad or the Walking Dead, you will need to join Netflix instead.

Bottom Line - Choose Redbox Instant If...

If you're unsure, just get the Redbox Instant free trial for 1 month, along with the Netflix free trial - this way, you'll be able to compare the services side-by-side.


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