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With an Audible free trial, you can now gain membership benefits to this popular audiobook site for 30 days free. Owned by Amazon, Audible is the undisputed leader in providing audiobooks in digital format, offering more than 100,000 audiobook titles. You can listen to the books you download from Audible using smartphones, MP3 players, tablets and many other portable devices. If you purchase audiobooks on a regular basis, obtaining a membership will save you a lot of money in the long run. You can read more about membership benefits below.

Get a 30-Day Audible Free Trial
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More About the Free Trial

The current free trial offered by Audible lasts for a full 30 days. Upon signing up, you instantly receive a free audiobook, which you can choose from many popular titles including current bestsellers. After the 30-day free trial period is over, your account will convert into a regular membership, and you will be charged $14.95 thereafter on a monthly basis. If you do not want to be charged, you must cancel before the end of the free trial period.

Membership Benefits

You may think that there is no need to pay for an Audible membership given that it is possible to individually purchase the books you want whenever the need arises. While this is true, anyone who purchases audiobooks on a regular basis will end up paying a lot more by taking this approach. This is because nonmembers do not receive the heavily discounted prices (currently 30 - 70% off) that members get for every purchase they make.

Here is a list of some of the benefits you will gain as an Audible member:

  • 30% off normal prices on everything you buy.
  • Up to 70% off on some purchases using earned credits.
  • Access to members-only sales and promotions.
  • Free audio subscription to the New York Times or Wall Street Journal.
  • One free book a month.
    (An upgraded plan for $22.95 is available if you want two free books a month.)

You have nothing to lose by obtaining the Audible free trial. At the very least, you will be able to get one free audiobook, which you can keep even if you cancel the service during the trial period. Audible is a terrific service for people who have long commutes, spend a lot of time in their car, or otherwise find it difficult to read books the traditional way for whatever reason.

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